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Taxgorkhan – Leaves In A Stream

Catalogue number: OGM002

Release date: October, 2017


O. Gudmundsen Minde is proud to present the debut album from the mystical Norwegian one-man band Taxgorkhan. Leaves in a Stream is a concept record based on liquid teleportation, ancient myths and psychedelic folklore. Cosmic music for astral ears. 

The music of Taxgorkhan flows from a place of pure, wide-eyed wonder, absorbing streams of expression, contemporary and ancient, synthesising new forms for the post-everything age by fusing plastic with wood, voices with waveforms, hand claps with mouse clicks. 

Taxgorkhan is the brainchild of composer, producer and musician J. Hannevold, who writes about this album: "Leaves in a stream are always in a state of movement, dancing over rippling reflections of reality at the meeting-point of air and liquid."



Synth, Effects, Electric Guitar, Bells, Tambourine, Pipe, Percussion, Handclaps, Recorder: Taxgorkhan 

Written and produced by J. Hannevold. 

Recorded in Boden and Boden II 2016. 

Instruments: Roland JX-8P Synth, Novation K-Station Synth, Yamaha FB-01 Sound Module, MFB Mikrozwerg MKII Synth, OB-Xd Synth, Monacor Reverberation Unit, EM-006 Analogue Delay, Hondo II Electric Guitar, Boss Super Octave OC-3, HH Electronics K100 Amp, Bells, Tambourine, Iron Pipes, Rhythm Egg, Handclaps and Recorder. 

Design: Ole Gudmundsen Avdeling for Formgivning & Typografi 
Executive producers: Lars Mørch Finborud, Lasse Marhaug 
Photography: Carlos Vasquez

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